Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated During the Summer Months

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Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated During the Summer Months



Now that the temperature is rising and the summer months are just around the corner, you may notice you’re a little thirstier than normal. It’s important to your health to replenish the water you are losing while the heat is high! Here are some easy tips to make downing the h2O a little easier-

1. Make a goal and track it- Whether your goal is 3 cups before noon, or a whole gallon by the end of the day, making it a goal can help you focus to drink more water!

2. Infuse it with fruit- We’ll be the first to admit that water can be a little bland, so add a handful of your favorite fruit to give it a sweet flavor that you can’t get enough of!

3. One glass before every meal- Make it a point to drink one glass of water before every meal. Not only will this help you to drink more water, it is also proven to help you eat less and lose weight!

4. Keep a cup at your desk- If you’re sitting at a desk during the day, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and not think about hydrating. Keep a nice cool glass of water next to your desk, so that it’s always in your view and easily accessible.

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