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Mission & Philosophy

Who We Are:


Core Rehab was founded in Las Vegas, NV in 2012, as a family owned and operated cooperative. Today Core is still family owned and operated with 12 locations serving the Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada and Tulsa/Northeastern Oklahoma areas.


Core Rehab brings a ground-breaking kind of injury rehabilitation therapy, specializing in auto injuries and other personal physical rehabilitation. Using more than just a traditional medical approach, but rather a combined multi-disciplinary path to healing, Core Rehab utilizes MDs, chiropractors and physical therapists giving each patient the best care possible.



Our Mission:


Core values the relationship with patients, as their motto from day one has been “People Care. Not Patient Care.”



When can I get in?


Today! Right now! Just call and say you’d like to come in.



Where We Are:


We have Multiple locations throughout Las Vegas, NV & Tulsa OK.



Why We Specialize in Auto Injuries & Accident Rehab:


Most doctors simply won’t treat patients involved in accidents for two reasons. First, they have trouble billing for their services through a 3rd party non-health insurance. Secondly, if an attorney is being used they don’t want to be involved. At Core Rehab we not only fill that need, we specialize in it!


Core focuses on outpatient rehab, helping patients through the entire strenuous and painful process. Whether the patient needs help finding the right lawyer, or would like counsel, this is Core’s expert skill and they will support them every step of the way. From car accidents to pedestrian slip and falls, Core makes sure patients are set up to get the proper medication, adapting an exercise specific treatment plan for their injuries. Uniquely, they have several physicians following the patient improvement.



How Our No Out-of-Pocket Expenses Policy Works:


Our thoughts are that when you’re hurt in an accident and it is not your fault you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get fixed! We bill the 3rd party insurance for all costs or take liens from attorneys, and get paid when your case is settled. Even if that means we wait for 2 years. Again, we believe in People Care… Not Patient Care.