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Other Personal Accidents and Injuries


In Las Vegas we have many types of injuries to worry about, such as being hit by a UFO, being tripped by a dancing show girl, or a paper-cut from the casino’s playing cards!  In Tulsa, it can be a run away bale of hay or a buffalo running you off the road.  Small or large, crazy or perfectly explainable, you can turn to Core Rehab for whatever type of injury you experience.


Experience Counts


Our experienced team of Doctors, Chiropractors and Therapists will give you the best possible care with same day appointments. After a thorough exam we’ll make sure you have proper medications and a plan of care tailored specifically to your type of injury.


No Out-of-Pocket Expenses


Whether you’re using your health insurance, a 3rd party’s insurance, or you have visited an attorney, we can help today with our “no out of pocket expense” policy. You won’t pay anything on your first visit or any follow up appointments.


Should I Call An Attorney?


There is no “one size fits all” answer here, and everyone’s circumstances are different. We’ve worked with thousands of patients represented by nearly every attorney throughout Las Vegas, NV and Tulsa, OK. We can offer suggestions from our past experience, but our focus is getting you better while helping out with your peace of mind.


Peace of Mind


Core Rehab has a caring staff with real experience and making an appointment today is the beginning of your road to recovery. Rest assured that nothing to you will be out of pocket and the only thing we want you to worry about is getting better. That’s true peace of mind.