Staying Healthy While on Vacation

Staying Healthy While on Vacation



Summer is right around the corner. Summer usually means the kids are out of school and you’re lucky enough to plan a fun vacation with the family or with your friends. Where ever you are vacationing and with whomever, you don’t want to throw all of your hard work and healthy routine out of the window. After all, you know how to have fun on vacation, but when it comes down to it, you also want to be able to get back on track, both personally and professionally, as soon as the fun ends. Here are a few tips on what you can do on your trip and after to stay on top of your home life.

During Your Trip

If you can, you’ll want to try to keep as many aspects of your everyday life intact while on vacation as well. This means that if you hit the gym three days a week, try your best to stay at a hotel with a gym. Many offer 24-hour fitness rooms, which can be beneficial if you need to adjust to a new time zone or any sort of schedule changes. If you’re not staying in a hotel with a gym, you can always YouTube outside workouts or workouts that don’t require gym equipment.

Vacations are also a great time to eat all kinds of interesting, exotic, and not necessarily healthy foods. As long as you aren’t facing serious dietary restrictions on your doctor’s orders, you shouldn’t feel bad about indulging in maybe one decadent meal or dessert each day of your vacation. However, try your best to keep up your normal healthy eating habits during the rest of your stay. If this means you need to leave some room in your suitcase to pack nutritious snacks and sandwiches, then certainly do so. Having prepared foods ready to go once you land will make it easier to make smart choices regarding food since you more than likely won’t be able to whip up a completely home-cooked meal wherever you’re staying. You can be healthy and save a few dollars!

Traveling Home

As you head back home, you can start to get back into healthy routines. If you’re a passenger, try some simple stretches and exercises in your seat to improve energy levels and keep jet lag from hitting you too strongly. Lift your arms above your head, roll your shoulders backward and forward; you can even practice weightlifting, if you have two objects of equal size to use! 

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water on your trip back. Being dehydrated is one of the quickest ways to slow your recovery time, since it can make you feel fatigued, hungry, and even irritable. 


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