Exercising Six Tips to Help you Stick to Exercising

Exercising Six Tips to Help you Stick to Exercising



Summer has arrived. Have you had trouble sticking to your New Years Resolution of working out more? Have you been too tired after work, eating habits keep you away from the gym or just plain lazy? We all have our excuses of why we haven’t been exercising but here are six tips to help you maintain your workout routine.

1.       Pack a gym bag before you go to sleep.

You don’t want to have to scramble to find a pair of socks or your headphones when you’re already running late in the morning. Make a habit of repacking your bag every night before you go to bed; you’ll be grateful the next morning when you have one less thing to deal with. Don’t forget to fill your water bottle and keep it in the fridge to grab right before you head out as well. Set your clothes out in the morning if you are going to the gym in the morning.

2.       Make a contract.

We always tell ourselves that we will start tomorrow and other promises we never keep. But research shows we are more likely to follow through if you write out a contract and pledge to complete work or goals in front of friends. If you want to go a step further there are classes you can take that if you miss you have to pay a fee. No one wants to lose money!

3.       Get some sleep!

Set a deadline of what time you want to put away your gadgets and turn off your television. Free yourself from distractions so that you are able to get to bed on time so that you can make it to the gym in the morning or have energy to go work out after you clock out.

4.       Make the gym a priority.

Most people would not skip a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting. Treat the gym as if it has the same importance, like a meeting scheduled with yourself.

5.       Think positive!

Devotees of positive thinking have long promoted visualizing the benefits of a behavior as a motivational strategy. For example, when deciding whether to get out of bed to go running in the morning, it helps to imagine how the sun will feel on your face as you run around a scenic route.

6.       Set an alarm.

Daily reminders can help you to get to the gym. Set an alarm in your phone or write it down in your planner. Some go as far as setting alarms with positive and encouraging quotes to help them work out. Seeing these alerts can be motivators to help you get up and at ‘em.


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