Metro & Property Damage Only Traffic Accidents

Metro & Property Damage Only Traffic Accidents

Everyone remembers the huge shift in protocol for car accidents when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced on March 3, 2014 they would no longer be responding to non-injury motor vehicle accidents. These accidents were considered too minor for response on their part. According to the LVMPD, officers were spending about 250 hours per week investigating fender benders, and it was too much time being taken away from more serious traffic concerns.  Las Vegas recorded 114 traffic fatalities in 2013 and LVMPD wanted that number to come down.  They hoped that with the new policy change, traffic officers will be able to take a more proactive approach by spending more time enforcing traffic laws in order to reduce the amount of accidents on local roadways.  Many other cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have the same policy but was it right for Las Vegas?


Starting the new year off, how has LVMPD changed its collision response? Well, officers have begun to respond to property damage only (PDO) collisions as of January 1, 2016. LVMPD will respond to things like:

  • Traffic collisions with injuries or fatalities;
  • Property damage only collisions on a public road:
  • A driver under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other substances;
  • A driver who doesn’t have a driver’s license, proof of insurance or registration;
  • A hit and run;
  • A vehicle disabled on the roadway as a result of an collision; and
  • An uncooperative driver (i.e. will not exchange information) or any other disturbance meriting a police response.

So what does the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say you should do if you’re involved in a collision? Call 9-1-1 and they will assess the need for assistance.  In cases where there is property damage only, involved parties are asked to call 3-1-1.  When an officer arrives to a property damage only collision, they may take the following actions:   

  • Name Exchange – LVMPD Traffic Officers and/or patrol officers can facilitate a name exchange for any collision where there are no injuries reported and/or seen.
  • PDO Report Response – LVMPD Traffic Officers have the option of taking a PDO Report through Brazos, which is a redacted form that does not include all of the information gathered in a full collision report.  Traffic Officers can take these reports whenever there is information in a collision which allows Traffic Officers to take enforcement action (citation or arrest).
  • NHP5 Collision Report Response – LVMPD Traffic Officers will take a full NHP5 Collision Report whenever they encounter a collision where occupants complain of injury or officers see visible injuries.

Citizens can still initiate their own name exchange if both parties are willing and do not want to wait for a police response. After calling the police, make sure to call us! If you’re feeling pain in your neck or back, we can help! We specialize in getting you better faster at Core Rehab. For more information, visit our website at or call 702-577-1962.

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