Steps to Take After Getting into an Auto Collision

Steps to Take After Getting into an Auto Collision

What steps you should take if you ever get into an auto collision:

1. Pull over to an area free from traffic.

Nevada law states that you must stop after all accidents. Fender bender? Move to the shoulder. If there is damage only to a vehicle or other property (no injuries), you should move safely out of traffic. We’d advise that you take also very safely take pictures before moving from the spot of the accident.

2. Make sure there are no injuries! 

It is important to know if there are any serious injuries to let the authorities know if you need an ambulance at the scene of the accident.

3. Call 911.

As soon as it is safe to grab a phone, call the authorities. Explain what has happened and give them your location so that they can arrive as soon as they can.

4. Take pictures of the damage.

If there is damage to your car and/or the other person’s car it is important to take pictures. Pictures can really help out when it is time to talk to insurance agents. Finding witnesses, if any, can also be beneficial to a claim.

5. Exchange information.

You should exchange the following information with the other person(s) involved:

* Name

* Name of the owner if not the same as the driver

* Names of any passengers

* Vehicle’s make, model and license plate number

* Insurance information – company name, policy number, expiration date and phone number to call for claims

6. Contact your insurance provider.

The drivers and others who are filing claims contact the insurance companies that are involved. The police and insurance agencies determine who is at fault of the accident. If the other driver was at fault, contact his or her insurer to make your claim. Also, contact your own insurer if your policy requires it, or if you are making any claims under your own coverages. If you were at fault, contact your car insurance company to notify them of the accident.

7. Get a checkup!

It is important to get checked out if you think something may be concerning to your health! Core Rehab can get you in same day for x-rays and an evaluation or medications. CALL 702-577-1962 to schedule an appointment for any one of our 6 locations valley wide that would be most convenient to your area.  You can also see a map of our locations at

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