Mistakes You Can Make After Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Mistakes You Can Make After Filing a Personal Injury Claim

There many mistakes that can be made after filing a personal injury claim. Especially with new laws here  in Las Vegas regarding police officer help at an accident scene. No matter where you live, here are 8 tips to help you avoid ruining your case.

1. Failing to obtain a police report. Regardless of the severity of the accident, you should always require a police officer at the scene. It is important to have a proof from authorities with important observations and witness statements to avoid “he said-she said” scenarios. 

2. Quickly signing a settlement with an insurance company. Insurance companies are most interested in settling your claim quickly, for as little as possible. After all they are a private business trying to protect their bottom line, which is understandable.  You should never agree to an immediate settlement, particularly if you are injured. The smart thing is to get advice from an experienced attorney who can help you determine the proper damages. Once you sign a release, it ends any claim you may have.  

3. Misrepresent your accident or injuries to your doctor. You should tell your doctor about all the pain and injuries you have, including past injuries as well. You should be aware that most doctors document how you describe an accident. The insurance companies are very knowledgeable about the types and severity of injuries from specific types of collisions. If you exaggerate, it may show that you are not telling the truth and make your entire case doubtful.

4. Posting the wrong information on social media. Insurance agents may try to add you on social media to search for evidence to overturn your claim. If you post a status or picture that proves that you are not injured they will take that information to court and it will ruin your claim.  If you are truly injured, don’t be a super hero, rest and follow the advice of your doctor. 

5. Not taking pictures at the scene of the accident. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case can prove the extent of your injuries and who was at fault in the collision. Photos of your cars damage can demonstrate the severity of the collision or a spill or crack in the spot where you fell can explain how your injury occurred.

6. Missing your appointments. Insurance companies will look to see if you are following through on your doctor or physical therapy recommended treatment plan. Skipping an appointment can lead to insurance companies lowering your settlement offer because of a gaps in treatment or in some cases attempting to dismiss your claim completely. 

7. Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention. After an accident, pain may not occur as soon as it happens. It is similar to not going to the gym for a year and going to work out, you may feel great right after but the next 48hrs the pain just gets worse.  It is important to seek medical attention immediately, just to make sure you are ok. Don’t let others use your toughness against you, claiming that you must not have been really been hurt. Delaying making an appointment with your Chiropractor or MD can put your health at risk and could potentially reduce compensation.  

8. Not disclosing information about previous accidents/injuries. If you were injured in a previous accident make sure to fully inform your doctor and representation, even if you are completely healed or it was 15 years prior.  Your compensation can be withheld if you don’t disclose your full medical history even if it seems silly.

It is important to follow these tips in order to get the compensation you may deserve after a personal injury claim. If you live in the Las Vegas or Henderson area and have any questions or need any assistance, we have some of the best doctors in the state that are personal injury experts in the field of rehabilitation and pain management. Feel free to call Core Rehab at 702-557-1962 with any questions or visit our website www.corerehab.info.

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