Core Rehab’s Fall Festival 2015

Core Rehab’s Fall Festival 2015

Thanks to everyone for attending our Annual Core Rehab Fall Festival at Mountain’s Edge Regional Park last Saturday. We were so pleased with the turn out, thanks to all that came and made it so much fun! It was the perfect day for pumpkins and treats, and the weather cooperated better than anticipated. We had a blast getting to know everyone outside of the office and meeting your families. Everyone was so creative, and our staff loved walking around and seeing the transformation from pumpkins to works of art!

We also enjoyed seeing all of the children in their costumes. They were so adorable! We had some really cool super heroes and Disney characters that showed up. Thank you to all the kids that dressed up.

Congratulations to our Core Rehab “Pie Til You Die!” pumpkin pie eating contest winner, Carl! He finished his whole pumpkin pie in two minutes and 15 seconds, crushing the competition! As a prize, he got to take home this massive pumpkin as bragging rights. Thank you to all of the participants in this contest. Everyone did an amazing job and it was so fun to watch. 

Another big congratulations goes out to Andrew, who guessed closest to the amount of jelly beans that were in the jar we had at the check in table! We had some really great guesses but our winner was only off by less than 150 jelly beans. He got to take home the 1,457 jelly beans to keep for himself. Hopefully, he has a big sweet tooth! 

Our staff would like to thank everyone for taking the time come out on their Saturday to spend it with Core Rehab. We hope everyone had a great time. To see more pictures from the fall festival, head on over to our Facebook page: Pictures are available to like and share with your friends and family. If you missed out on this event, we will have more in the future! Stay up to date with what is going on with Core Rehab on our twitter, so you can be sure to make the next one: If you have any pictures we can add please email them to Michele at

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