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Core Rehab Broken Arrow Chiropractor and Injury Rehab

Broken Arrow chiropractors Core Rehab

Broken Arrow Car Accident Injury | Chiropractor and Injury Rehab

If you’ve been injured in a Broken Arrow car accident it’s time to call our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors at  Core Rehab!  Our team of Broken Arrow Chiropractors will work to rehab your accident injury and get you back to normal.  Our team will also work with the insurance company so that you have no out of pocket expenses making the process cost free for you.  Auto accidents lead to sore backs and injured spines. It’s important to quickly seek medical attention to begin the healing process.  When you wait you could further damage the injured area.

Back Pain | Broken Arrow Chiropractors | Core Rehab Chiropractic

Many Broken Arrow residents suffer from untreated back pain due to injuries caused in car accidents or other auto wreck related crashes.  Choosing the right Broken Arrow chiropractor can be a tough task. You want to find someone who will treat your injury with the proper care but also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors are focused on people care and not just patient care. We work to assure that you are treated as an individual and not just a number.  When dealing with our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors it’s important to let our team know where the pain is.

Core Rehab Broken Arrow Chiropractors Back Pain Specialists
Areas of Back Pain:

Lower Back Pain
Broken Arrow Lower Back Pain Injury Chiropractor

When experiencing lower back pain it’s important to allow your back to heal.  Participating in heavy lifting or other difficult physical projects could slow down the healing process.  Our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors will give you an assessment and how to proceed with care and healing.  When you are suffering with a severe injury like a lower back pain it’s important to consult with our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors for professional advice and chiropractic care.

For many people low back pain is a way of life. Many Broken Arrow citizens will suffer from lower back pain at one point. Lower back pain can be caused for a low back strain.  Lifting objects that are to heavy or if the back is in the wrong position it can lead to a lower back injury.  The result is low back pain.  When the spinal column is strained it can cause tissue tears and inflammation.  The spine becomes less stable and can effect the quality of life of someone who suffers from lower back pain.


broken arrow chiropractors | Core Rehab

Core Rehab Broken Arrow Chiropractors and Injury Rehab

If you are suffering from low back pain call Broken Arrow Chiropractors at Core Rehab Tulsa today!

Upper Back Pain
Broken Arrow Chiropractors for back pain relief

If you are experiencing upper back pain as the result of an accident or physical activity you need to see our team of Broken arrow chiropractors.  Our team will take the time to diagnose your injury and focus on the healing process.  We have a network of doctors and specialists that will help you get your life back to normal.  Upper back pain could be cause from falling on ice or being injured in a Tulsa car accident. These are the types of injuries that must be treated immediately.

An upper back pain strain can be severe and can cause serious reproductions if not treated properly.  If you’ve been in an injury accident and have sustained an upper back injury it’s important to call Core Rehab.

Neck Pain
Broken Arrow Neck Pain Injury Chiropractor

If you’ve been in an auto accident or Broken Arrow car crash it’s important to have your neck checked for whiplash injuries.  A sudden stop can lead to neck pain and a severe neck injury.  Disc injuries are common in car wrecks and truck crashes.  Our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors will check the neck injury and create a treatment plan to promote healing.  Neck injuries can some times lead to long term effects if not treated properly.

Disc Pain
Broken Arrow Disc Pain and Back Alignment

When you’ve been in an accident back injuries are a common result. When your discs get out of alignment they can cause severe pain and other symptoms in your body.  Disc injuries occur during accidents or falls.  If you’ve tripped or fallen it is important to have your back check to see if damage has occurred.

Back Muscle Pain
Broken Arrow Back Muscle Pain Injury Rehab

When discs are hurt and your experiencing pain it’s important to properly treat the back pain and make sure the injured area is dealt with properly.

Disc Bulge Pain
Broken Arrow Disc Bulge Pain Chiropractor

Are you suffering from disc bulge pain? Disc bulge pain could result from a car wreck, sport related injury, truck accident, car crash, a fall on ice, motor cycle accident, work related injury, workmen comp related injury, lifting something that’s to heavy.  If you’ve been injured and have a bulging disc it’s important to have your injury treated before it becomes worse.

If you’re looking for back pain relief call our team of Broken Arrow chiropractors at Core Rehab to diagnose and treat your upper back, lower back, disc bulge, spine, neck, whiplash and any other back injury that you might have sustained.

Broken Arrow Chiropractors | Core Rehab Injury Experts


The Broken Arrow chiropractors are skilled healthcare experts.  Our network of discipline medical experts emphasizes Broken Arrow chiropractic care to help our patients deal with injuries sustained in Broken Arrow car accidents or on the job accidents.  We focus on our patients and their needs.

Broken Arrow Chiropractor | No Out of Pocket Expenses

Our thoughts are that when you’re hurt in an Broken Arrow accident and it is not your fault you shouldn’t have to pay anything to receive chiropractic treatment!  We bill the 3rd party insurance for all costs or take liens from attorneys, and get paid when your case is settled. Even if that means we have to wait for 2 years.


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